Why Pet Owners Should Take an Extra Close Look at Their Marietta Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

When purchasing homeowner’s insurance in Marietta, you’ll have a multitude of items to consider. The value of the structure itself, the contents in the home, and the types of damage you want to cover are all included in that list. See Also:  Auto Insurance in Marietta, Ga For Marietta homeowners with pets, however, there is [...]

How Often Should You Reexamine Your Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance and Why?

Your Atlanta homeowner's insurance policy is your safeguard against many of the perils that can come with owning a home. Your protection and your peace of mind are closely tied to this important policy. See Also:  Home Insurance Atlanta However, have you reviewed your insurance coverage lately? Here's an overview of how often you should [...]

Understanding the Difference Between Various Weather Alerts in Smyrna

Smyrna Homeowner's Insurance Won't Change the Weather, but It Will Help You Recover from It In Smyrna, we often see a great deal of weather alerts, especially during the summer. These alerts can be confusing because there are many different types, each with a different meaning. It's important to understand the different types of alerts [...]

Would You Know What To Do If You Caused An Auto Accident In Marietta?

Being in a car wreck is scary. Being the cause of that wreck can be terrifying, intimidating, and can even impact the way your Marietta auto insurance handles the claim. If you know what to do after causing an auto accident, you can handle the aftermath much more effectively. For best auto insurance in Marietta, [...]

Could You Recover From A Major Disaster Without Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance?

Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to your home . . . fire, flood, tornado, break-in, lost valuables, water damage. While these things may seem like a distant nightmare, the reality is that, here in Atlanta, they could happen to you at any time. Could you recover? Life Insurance in Atlanta:  Looking for [...]

5 Gadgets That Could Influence Your Smyrna Auto Insurance Policy

Today, there are gadgets for everything: your home, your computer, your phone, and even your car. Those little tools for your car could actually have an impact on your Smyrna auto insurance policy. The following five gadgets could change your rate: For best insurance in Smyrna, call Waggoner Insurance today @ 770-434-4000. 1.  Anti-Theft Devices. [...]

What Does Your Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover?

Have you ever wondered what exactly your Atlanta area homeowner's insurance policy covers? The answers may surprise you! Of course, each policy is different, so you’ll want to speak with your agent to be sure of the extent of your coverage, but here are some of the most common covered events: For best homeowners insurance [...]

Could Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Atlanta Save Your Bottom Dollar?

If you are looking for ways to tighten your budget and stretch your dollar in Atlanta, start by looking at your auto insurance. Switching to or adding comprehensive auto insurance could be right for you! What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance? First, it is important to know what comprehensive Atlanta auto insurance is. This kind of insurance [...]

Would You Trust Your Smyrna Homeowner’s Insurance to Just Anyone?

Smyrna Homeowner’s Insurance is a Big Deal! For most people, a house is the single largest purchase they will ever make. Unless you’ve won the lottery or inherited a home from a family member, you’ll spend 15-30 years paying for the investment. In addition to the mortgage, you’ll face multiple expenses along the way, from [...]

Car Insurance Tips in Atlanta: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Bill in Atlanta

Many vehicle owners in Atlanta see auto insurance as a necessary evil. The arrival of your auto insurance bill does not have to signal your financial ruin, however. There are plenty of ways to reduce your bill and still get the level of coverage you need. Here are four tips: Best Atlanta cheap car insurance, [...]