Today, there are gadgets for everything: your home, your computer, your phone, and even your car. Those little tools for your car could actually have an impact on your Smyrna auto insurance policy. The following five gadgets could change your rate:

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1.  Anti-Theft Devices. Either factory installed or after-market, an anti-theft device can make it harder for crooks to steal your car. Not only can these gadgets protect your vehicle, they can also save you money by lowering your Smyrna auto insurance rate. Ask your insurance agent which anti-theft features will influence your rate. There are many different levels of protection, from honking horns to ignition locks, so you can choose what you need to provide the security—and auto insurance break—you desire.

2.  Tinted Windows. Along with anti-theft systems, tinted windows may have an impact on your insurance policy. Many times, auto break-ins in the Smyrna area occur because thieves want what is inside the car. With tinted windows, it is more difficult to see the expensive electronics or evidence of your shopping excursion inside your vehicle. Blocking the view of what’s inside will discourage break-ins, reduce the chance of damage to the car, and could lower your Smyrna auto insurance rate. Remember, though, that you must follow local laws regarding the degree of tint on your windows, or you might end up with a ticket and higher insurance rates!

3.  Satellite GPS Monitoring. If you subscribe to certain on-board GPS monitoring systems, you may be able to lower your auto insurance rates. In addition to getting turn-by-turn directions and immediate help in the event of an accident, you might also qualify for discounts based on your driving habits. Find out if your insurance agent checks with these monitoring companies to get an idea of the amount of time you drive and how safely you drive, then ask if you qualify for a lower premium because of your safe driving.

4.  Sound Systems. Not every gadget will lower your Smyrna auto insurance rate. Booming sound systems might cause you to have higher premiums and deductibles. The logic is that if you want the great sound pumping from your car, so will someone else, making you more vulnerable to break-ins and thefts. Your insurance company may see you as more of a risk taker. That could translate into a higher likelihood of a payout for them, meaning higher rates for you.

5.  Entertainment Systems. Like sound systems, DVD players, game systems, and other entertainment options could cause your rate to increase. Even if the games and movies aren’t meant for the driver, it could be easy for you to get distracted by them. Distracted drivers are dangerous, and your Smyrna auto insurance company may feel that having these potential hazards in your car would increase the chance of an accident. Theft is also a concern with entertainment systems, so consider carefully before adding them to your car.