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When it comes to living in Atlanta and commuting to work, you all know how frustrating it can be dealing with the traffic. The roadways are literally slammed packed with drivers and the sides of the roads, especially in the morning and afternoon, are just filled with accidents and fender benders. That's why you need to the best car insurance in Atlanta that not only gives you the maximum coverage you need, but also keeps more money in your pockets.

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Pre-Leasing Announced at SunTrust Park’s Battery Atlanta

Anyone wanting to live next door to the future home of the Atlanta Braves will soon have the opportunity. According to the AJC, Atlanta-based real estate group Pollack Shores announced Wednesday it would begin pre-leasing units at three apartment complexes next to SunTrust Park in December. Those complexes, The Residencies, The Flats, and Parkside, will [...]

First Braves Game at SunTrust Park Announced

The Atlanta Braves have released their schedule for the 2017 season, including the date for the highly-anticipated home opener in the new ballpark in Cobb County. The Braves will spend the first 12 days of the season on the road before coming home on April 14 to play the San Diego Padres at SunTrust Park. [...]

State Reclaims $4.7M in Settlements

During the first nine months of 2014, the Georgia Department of Insurance announced that they received more than $4.7 million from auto insurance companies. These are the direct results of the mediation efforts of the department. Complaints Given Serious Consideration Since January 2014, the Consumer Services Division has answered over 6,000 complaints and assisted consumers [...]

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Study Shows Low-income Drivers Face Higher Insurance Rates

In almost every state, including Georgia, lawmakers have made car insurance mandatory. Those caught without insurance risk losing their driver's license and may have issues keeping their job. According to a report from the Consumer Federation of America, a low-income driver has a difficult time receiving affordable insurance, even with a clean driving record. Auto [...]

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Insuring Your Teen Driver

Most parents cannot wait until the day their teen acquires his or her driver's license because it relieves them from dropping their kids off and picking them up. The older the teen becomes, the later the hours that they stay out, which means the later the parents have to stay awake. According to a report [...]

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Fraud Drives Up the Cost of Auto Insurance

Insurance fraud refers to an intentional act performed to attain payment from auto insurance companies. It is estimated that insurance fraud costs companies an annual $80 billion. Companies have a difficult time detecting fraud due to the surreptitious nature of fraud. This crime drives up the cost for all consumers in the industry. Con artists [...]

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Self-driving Cars Doom for Auto Insurers?

According to the International Organization for Road Accident Prevention, errors in human judgment account for 90 percent of car accidents. The collective failure rakes in $157 billion in car insurance premiums every year. However, if a self-driving car eliminated the driver's mistakes, the auto insurance industry would change. RAND Corp did a recent study that [...]

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Usage-Based Auto Insurance Growing in the US

According to a UBI consumer survey, American drivers have grown comfortable using usage-based auto insurance (UBI) programs. UBI programs allow auto insurance companies to monitor drivers in exchange for discounts on their premiums. Towers Watson conducted the survey and found that drivers with a UBI policy nearly doubled in 17 months. It sat at 4.5 [...]

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Why Auto Insurance Loyalty is Difficult

Customers who are loyal to their car insurance company are often disappointed with raised premiums. According to NerdWallet, a data-driven, consumer finance website, US drivers overpay for auto insurance by as much as $368 per year. Research from NerdWallet shows that consumers can save as much as 32 percent from comparison shopping. Why People Don't [...]

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Motorized Scooters Need Auto Insurance?

In Michigan, two insurance companies started a bizarre argument that could soon impact the rest of the nation. Lawyers from State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance and Farm Bureau Insurance stirred public outrage. This due to refusing to pay compensation for a paralyzed man who was hit by an SUV while crossing the street. The two [...]

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