Smyrna Homeowner’s Insurance Won’t Change the Weather, but It Will Help You Recover from It

In Smyrna, we often see a great deal of weather alerts, especially during the summer. These alerts can be confusing because there are many different types, each with a different meaning.

It’s important to understand the different types of alerts so that you can prepare for incoming weather—just like it’s important to understand the different items in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Here’s an overview of some of the weather alerts you’ll hear in Smyrna:

Tornado Watch—A tornado watch is issued for a large area when the conditions are favorable for tornadoes to occur. This is to prepare for the potential for life-threatening weather conditions within the next few hours. Use this time to secure any objects in your yard that could damage your home and cause a Smyrna homeowner’s insurance claim, and to get a game plan in place if the weather worsens.

Tornado Warning—A warning means that a tornado has be detected, either by law enforcement, trained spotters, or by radar. If a warning is issued for the city of Smyrna, take cover immediately. Don’t try to bring anything in from outdoors. Take your family to a safe location and wait until the storm has passed. Experts recommend going to a basement or small, interior room with no windows. Increasing evidence also supports wearing a helmet to protect your head.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch—Similar to a tornado watch, this means severe thunderstorms could develop within the new few hours. If a watch is issued for the area, take the precautions needed to protect your home and property. If you need to call your Smyrna homeowner’s insurance agent to check on the specifics of your policy, now is the time to do it.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning—A severe thunderstorm is defined by winds over 58 mph or hail larger than ¾ of an inch in diameter. A warning is issued when a storm reaches these criteria. At this time, lightening and rain are not factors in determining a storm’s severity.  Take cover inside your home, away from windows. Be mindful of lightening—house fires are often started by thunderstorms.

Flood Watches and Warnings—Flood watches are issued when heavy rain is expected. A flood warning means that rivers are flooding, or that streets are flooded. A flood warning may last for days, until the water recedes. Before a flood watch or warning is posted, find out if you need to add flood insurance to your Smyrna homeowner’s insurance policy.

Tropical Storm Advisories—Occasionally, if a hurricane or tropical storm comes in at just the right angle, Smyrna can be affected by tropical storm conditions. High winds, torrential rain, and tornadoes are common with tropical systems. Other watches and warnings are often issued in conjunction with tropical advisories.

By paying close attention to the watches and warnings issued in your area, you can prepare for storms, protect your family, and make sure you have the proper homeowner’s insurance coverage in Smyrna.