Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to your home . . . fire, flood, tornado, break-in, lost valuables, water damage. While these things may seem like a distant nightmare, the reality is that, here in Atlanta, they could happen to you at any time. Could you recover?

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If you don’t have Atlanta homeowner’s insurance, you might not know the answer to that question. While this vital insurance can’t replace pictures, mementos, and precious keepsakes, it can go a long way towards setting your world to rights again. Without it, well—it’s terrifying to imagine.

A Lack of Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance Sacrifices Your Security

Your homeowner’s insurance policy in Atlanta gives you the peace of mind you need in the midst of the worst scenario you can fathom. You’ll have security of knowing that you can rebuild your home, pay off your mortgage, and start over.

You won’t worry about where you’ll live, how you’ll repair the damages, or even where you’ll stay while you recover. Above all, if you are feeling safe and secure, you can pass those hopeful feelings on to your children—your most important treasures.

Not Having Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance Could be More Costly than You’d Imagine

Could you pay out of pocket for weeks’ or months’ worth of short-stay housing? Could you pay off your mortgage in one payment? Do you have the money in your bank account to pay for the damages caused by a kitchen fire, fallen tree, or hailstorm?

Without homeowner’s insurance, you may lose everything you have trying to recover from a major disaster. You might have to empty your 401(k)s, rob your children’s college fund, or cash out your IRAs, CDs, or savings bonds, just to cover a portion of what insurance would have taken care of for you.

Failure to Maintain Homeowner’s Insurance in Atlanta Creates Unnecessary Inconvenience

An event like a fire needs swift action to preserve the items and structures in your home that weren’t destroyed by the initial crisis. Imagine trying to track down a fire and water restoration team at four in the morning. Without their help, the smoke and water in your home will do even more damage, ruining more of your keepsakes.

Your Atlanta homeowner’s insurance agent can offer you a pre-approved list of contractors, business, and services that you’ll need in a disaster. Having those names and numbers at your fingertips is a convenience that can’t be matched when seconds count.

Non-existent Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance Robs You of Much-Needed Compassion

Sometimes, the best thing a person can do to help you after a life-changing disaster is be there for you. How nice would it be to hear, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of that for you. You just go hug your babies,” in the midst of the most trying time in your life?

When you forgo Atlanta homeowner’s insurance, you forgo the helping hand, caring, and compassion that only an insurance agent can offer you. After a major disaster, you need all the help and compassion you can find.