Being in a car wreck is scary. Being the cause of that wreck can be terrifying, intimidating, and can even impact the way your Marietta auto insurance handles the claim. If you know what to do after causing an auto accident, you can handle the aftermath much more effectively.

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Don’t Lie

First and foremost, do not lie, exaggerate, or embellish. Beginning with your 911 call and ending with your meetings with your Marietta auto insurance company, you must tell the truth. It is better to say “I don’t know” than to make something up. Remember, too, that lying to a police officer can land you in legal trouble.

Stick with Facts

Be careful to avoid assumptions when describing the accident to the responding officer. Don’t assume the other driver was speeding, texting, or even that he or she should have seen you. If you caused the wreck, the simple fact is that you are responsible. Don’t try to distort the facts to make yourself seem less responsible.

Don’t Admit Fault

At the same time, don’t say “The wreck was my fault”. You can tell the truth exactly as it happened without laying the blame on yourself. You could say “I thought I could make it through the intersection, but I didn’t.” You have admitted the truth, told simply the facts, and not placed the blame on yourself. In many auto accidents in Marietta, it will be clear to the officers working the scene who caused the wreck, so it’s better to not fudge the details. 

Don’t Talk to Other Drivers

Avoid a discussion—or an argument—with the other drivers involved. The less you say to them, the better. While common courtesy might compel you to ask if everyone is okay or if someone needs an ambulance, don’t apologize, don’t blame, and don’t speculate. Limit your conversations to the police and your Marietta auto insurance agent.

Stay Calm

After any car wreck, emotions will be running high. Your best bet is to remain calm throughout the entire process. Calmly assess the situation, place your 911 call in a slow, measured voice so you can be understood, and give as many details to the dispatcher as you can. Try to breathe slowly, and sit down if you need a minute to gather your composure. After the initial shock has worn off, remain calm as you discuss the accident with your Marietta auto insurance company and work to restore order to your life.

Document Everything

Use your cell phone to take pictures of the accident scene and the cars. If you don’t have a pen and paper to write down important information at the accident scene, use the voice recorder feature on your phone. Keep a legal pad by the phone to document every call you take regarding your accident. Your Marietta auto insurance agent will need every detail you can provide. Additionally, keeping accurate records along the way can help protect you if the other party tries to sue you for more than your insurance paid.