If you are looking for ways to tighten your budget and stretch your dollar in Atlanta, start by looking at your auto insurance. Switching to or adding comprehensive auto insurance could be right for you!

What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

First, it is important to know what comprehensive Atlanta auto insurance is. This kind of insurance is often called “Other Than Collision”. While it won’t cover you if you hit someone or if another driver smashes into you, it will provide coverage for those other incidents that can damage or destroy your car. Comprehensive auto insurance covers deer, storm damage, flood damage, or theft. In Atlanta, you could easily face any of these scenarios.

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How Can Comprehensive Auto Insurance Save You Money?

If you don’t have a lien on your car, you can often drop your full insurance and go strictly with comprehensive and collision insurance. For cars that are older, this can save you money because you aren’t paying a higher auto insurance premium that you don’t need. Ask your insurance agent if the price you pay for your full auto insurance is worth it. Don’t forget that you need to factor in the age of your car and its replacement value.

Comprehensive auto insurance can also save you money in the event of a non-collision incident. It could cost you thousands of dollars to replace your car if you hit a deer without comprehensive coverage. With this type of coverage, however, you will only pay your deductible, saving you an untold amount of money, protecting your savings, and keeping your bottom dollar in your pocket.

Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Worth It In Atlanta?

Think about the last time you cruised the perimeter. You probably faced many roadway perils as you circled Atlanta. Ladders, mattresses, construction cones, rocks, deer, and even an occasional exotic animal all pose hazards to drivers on a daily basis. Think about the flooding the city has experienced in recent years. Consider the sheer number of auto thefts that occur each year. Now think about the cost to repair or replace your car—in Atlanta, you can’t afford not to have comprehensive auto insurance! 

Will Comprehensive Auto Insurance Save Your Savings and Your Budget?

In a word, yes. This type of Atlanta auto insurance will protect you from dipping into your savings to repair damage to your car caused by a covered event. You won’t blow your budget to fix hail damage, deer damage, or flood damage. You won’t be left scrambling to figure out how to get another new car if your brand new car is stolen the day after you buy it.

Your investment in comprehensive insurance will protect you and give you peace of mind. You’ll be covered no matter what life—or Atlanta traffic—throws at you.