Questions to Ask When Shopping for an Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Not all Atlanta homeowner’s insurance policies are created equal. Any number of variables could change the level of coverage you need and the premium for that coverage. When you are shopping for Atlanta homeowner’s insurance, there are a few basic questions you should ask your agent to be sure you are getting the best coverage [...]

6 Factors that Help Determine the Amount of Your Smyrna Homeowner’s Insurance Premium

Homeowner's insurance is a necessity if you live in Smyrna. The peace of mind, the protection, and the security this policy provides is priceless, even if the insurance itself is not. See also:  Homeowners Insurance Smyrna, Ga However, that doesn't mean you have no wiggle room in your premium price. Here are six factors that [...]

Why Pet Owners Should Take an Extra Close Look at Their Marietta Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

When purchasing homeowner’s insurance in Marietta, you’ll have a multitude of items to consider. The value of the structure itself, the contents in the home, and the types of damage you want to cover are all included in that list. See Also:  Auto Insurance in Marietta, Ga For Marietta homeowners with pets, however, there is [...]

How Often Should You Reexamine Your Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance and Why?

Your Atlanta homeowner's insurance policy is your safeguard against many of the perils that can come with owning a home. Your protection and your peace of mind are closely tied to this important policy. See Also:  Home Insurance Atlanta However, have you reviewed your insurance coverage lately? Here's an overview of how often you should [...]

Will Your Smyrna Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Fallen Trees After a Storm?

Severe thunderstorms are no stranger to the Smyrna and Atlanta area. We have all seen the damage that can happen when one of these storms strike, too. See Also:  Home Insurance in Atlanta, Ga. Does your Smyrna homeowner’s insurance cover damage from fallen trees after one of these storms? Maybe and maybe not. What Most [...]

5 Tips to Ensure that You Have Adequate Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance

What’s worse than not having Atlanta homeowner’s insurance? Thinking you are adequately covered only to find out you don’t have enough insurance in Atlanta when you need it most. So how do you make sure you aren’t underinsured? Talk to your Atlanta homeowner’s insurance agent to start, and be sure to follow these five tips [...]

5 Marietta Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Care of This Summer

You Need More than Just Marietta Homeowners Insurance to Protect Your Investment Summertime in Marietta brings with it the opportunity for fun, relaxation, vacations, and new memories. It’s also an ideal time to get a few maintenance tasks taken care of around the house. After all, you’re not paying for homeowner’s insurance just to be [...]

Understanding the Difference Between Various Weather Alerts in Smyrna

Smyrna Homeowner's Insurance Won't Change the Weather, but It Will Help You Recover from It In Smyrna, we often see a great deal of weather alerts, especially during the summer. These alerts can be confusing because there are many different types, each with a different meaning. It's important to understand the different types of alerts [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Filing A Claim On Your Atlanta Homeowner’s Insurance Policy This Summer

Summer is a time of great fun, relaxation, and making memories.  The last question people want to be asking themselves is, what's the best insurance in Atlanta for my home? It can also be a time when you need to file a claim on your homeowner's insurance in Atlanta. During the summer in the South, weather [...]

4 Apps to Keep Your Marietta Home in Tip-Top Shape

Your ownership of a Marietta homeowner’s insurance policy proves that you are a prudent, responsible homeowner. You want to protect your home—your investment—against damage or loss. Did you know, however, that your home can suffer damages just as devastating as natural disasters if you fail to keep up with maintenance? Failing plumbing that is put [...]