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Pre-Leasing Announced at SunTrust Park’s Battery Atlanta

Anyone wanting to live next door to the future home of the Atlanta Braves will soon have the opportunity. According to the AJC, Atlanta-based real estate group Pollack Shores announced Wednesday it would begin pre-leasing units at three apartment complexes next to SunTrust Park in December. Those complexes, The Residencies, The Flats, and Parkside, will [...]

Insurance Coverage Based On Your Needs

Homeowners insurance is determined based on the amount of money it requires to rebuild a home; that requires a knowledgeable expert to give the right estimate. Robert Large, vice president of Pacific Specialty Insurance Co., said that most homeowners give attention to auto insurance rather than homeowners insurance. He continued by saying that one of [...]

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Storm Seasons Reminds Homeowners to Check Insurance Policies

Following an especially brutal winter that was full of downed trees and burst pipes, Atlanta area homeowners would do well to examine their homeowners insurance policies before the beginning of storm and tornado season. Many homeowners purchase insurance without examining some of the finer details of their policy, including what would be covered following a [...]

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Atlanta’s High Auto Insurance Rates

There are many great things about living in Atlanta, Georgia, with beautiful weather, wonderful scenery, and a vibrant culture just being a few of them. As an auto insurance agent though, I can tell you what many residents do not find great about our city, and that is the high insurance rate. According to recent [...]

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Choosing A Life Insurance Policy in Atlanta

Learn more about obtaining life insurance in Atlanta - Even though you can't take care of them physically or emotionally, when you pass away, a life insurance can cover your family financially; especially if you are the only one who works in the home. With the right policy, you will not only pay for the [...]

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How to get Cheap Car Insurance

Getting cheap car insurance Atlanta can feel like a daunting and impossible task especially if you are a young river. This is because most young or inexperience drivers are likely to have an accident and make claim hence insurance companies have very high insurance premiums. There are however a few tricks to getting cheap car [...]

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Here’s Why You Need Insurance

Ever ask yourself why you need insurance... especially insurance in Atlanta? You may have read about the high cost of insurance premiums, or felt bewildered by the vast array of options on the market. You may even have considered simply saving money instead of choosing insurance plans. But you need to think carefully before you [...]

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