Severe thunderstorms are no stranger to the Smyrna and Atlanta area. We have all seen the damage that can happen when one of these storms strike, too.

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Does your Smyrna homeowner’s insurance cover damage from fallen trees after one of these storms? Maybe and maybe not.

What Most Homeowner’s Insurance in Smyrna Cover

If a tree falls—or even just a large limb—and causes damages to your home or outbuildings, then your homeowner’s insurance should cover the damages. It may also cover damages to your vehicles, depending on your policy; some people may need to file damages under their auto insurance in certain situations.

What Some Homeowner’s Insurance in Smyrna MAY Cover

Every situation is unique, and every insurance company has different policies. Your Smyrna homeowner’s insurance policy might cover removal services of the fallen tree, but this is not always the case.

Some insurance companies provide a small allowance for removal services—say around $500 or so. Tree removal services can easily cost into the thousands, however, so if this describes your policy, you’ll be responsible for the difference.

Other insurance companies will cover the entire expense of the fallen tree, including removal, once your deductible has been met. The only way to know for sure is to examine your policy closely and speak with your Smyrna homeowner’s insurance agent.

What Most Homeowner’s Insurance in Smyrna does NOT Cover

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will not pay for the cost of the original tree, nor the cost to replace it. So, if the tree in question was a part of your landscaping project, you’re on your own with regard to landscaping expenses.

In rare circumstances, however, you may be able to recover this cost as well. Again, it very much depends on your insurance company, their policies, and the policy you purchased.

Special Smyrna Homeowner’s Insurance Situations

All of the above assumes that a tree on your property fell on your property. If a neighbor’s tree causes damage to your property, however, the question of liability may come into play. Your insurance company may view your neighbor as responsible for the damages, and it may insist that their insurance pays for your loss.

Likewise, if a tree on your property damages your neighbor’s home, their insurance company may hold you liable for damages. This is just one more reason why it’s so important to make sure you have adequate liability coverage.

If you aren’t sure what your Smyrna homeowner’s insurance policy covers, then it’s time to arrange a meeting with your agent. You may already have excellent coverage, but then again, you may need to add more coverage to deal with special situations such as this. It’s better to find out now and take care of it than to find out after an event has occurred.