Your ownership of a Marietta homeowner’s insurance policy proves that you are a prudent, responsible homeowner. You want to protect your home—your investment—against damage or loss.

Did you know, however, that your home can suffer damages just as devastating as natural disasters if you fail to keep up with maintenance? Failing plumbing that is put off for “just a little longer” can easily lead to all sorts of flood damage from burst pipes.

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And guess what: your Marietta homeowner’s insurance policy isn’t likely to cover any of those damages since they resulted from neglect. We know it’s easy to forget home maintenance with today’s busy schedules, so here are four mobile apps that will make it a breeze:

1.  HomeSavvy—This is a home maintenance app for iOS or Android users, and it is absolutely free! You can build a custom home maintenance schedule easily, just by telling the app a few key things about your home. Then, you’ll get alerts every time it’s time to perform a maintenance task. The best part is, the app will give you contact information for professionals in your area if you need assistance, but it also gives you some excellent DIY pointers if you want to save money.

2.  BrightNest—This app is for iOS users only, and is really more of a home management app than simply home maintenance. It does allow you to schedule your recurring maintenance tasks, but it also offers so much more. You’ll find everything from cleaning tips to creative ways to use chalkboard paint. If you hate having multiple apps and want an all-in-one solution to everything you need for your home, this is your app.

3.  Handy Man DIY—iOS DIYers everywhere will love this affordable app. For $1.99, you’ll have instant access to videos explaining complex home maintenance or home improvement projects. In addition, you’ll be able to discover exactly how much material you’ll need for a project by simply punching in your room’s dimensions. No more buying too much paint or too little wood.

4.  Home Improvement & Repair—If you are an Android user and don’t fancy yourself a DIY, then you’ll love this app. This free app takes all of the hassle out of finding a respectable contractor to perform home maintenance and repair projects. You’ll be able to compare the top three quotes from service providers in your area without having to talk to any of them until you’re ready. Every home maintenance or improvement category you can think of is represented on this app, so it’s an excellent resource to have all year long.

Don’t forget that any improvements or changes that you make to your home can affect your Marietta homeowner’s insurance policy, so be sure to let your agent know. You may need to raise your level of coverage, or you might qualify for new discounts.