Getting cheap car insurance Atlanta can feel like a daunting and impossible task especially if you are a young river. This is because most young or inexperience drivers are likely to have an accident and make claim hence insurance companies have very high insurance premiums. There are however a few tricks to getting cheap car insurance.

First you may want to choose a cheap car for your first car. The cost of purchase is usually a huge factor when premiums are being set and the cheaper the car, the less you pay. Avoid making modifications on the car such as body kits or alloy wheels. They may look fancy but will end up raising your car insurance premiums. Choose the pay per year option instead of the per month option. Staggering payments may look tempting but it is usually more expensive in the long run. Also consider paying a voluntary excess that is higher than what is required as it may reduce your cost. Make sure you will be able to pay the excess if you do get into an accident, it may be a lot to cough up.

Think about the level of insurance cover you want. The comprehensive cover is the most expensive insurance and covers both your car and the other car if you get in an accident. Third part cover is a basic cover and will only cover a claim leveled against you if you are involved in an accident and will cover the cost of the other person’s car. It is also the cheapest cover. You could also consider adding an extra driving qualification. Most insurance companies do not recognize it but it could be an added advantage. You could also increase your security and limit by getting extra security features for instance an alarm or immobilizer. This will definitely reduce your rates, and may even go lower if you get a good garage or driveway to park your vehicle in overnight.