Ever ask yourself why you need insurance… especially insurance in Atlanta?

You may have read about the high cost of insurance premiums, or felt bewildered by the vast array of options on the market. You may even have considered simply saving money instead of choosing insurance plans. But you need to think carefully before you reach that decision.


If nothing else the benefits of private health insurance are probably the clearest-it is not something you can apply for when you need help most. A medical emergency, consultations with specialists and the like could put you, not to mention your family, in great distress, because you’d have to pay thousands of dollars on the spot to get urgent treatment. You can even select the type of coverage that will serve your individual health best, encouraging routine checkups and fitness goals. There are taxes you won’t have to pay if you’re under coverage, either.


Many health insurance providers will not cover car-related injuries, and a person may be liable in this scenario even if they do not own a vehicle at all-for example if you are leasing one or driving someone else’s car. And if you do own a license and a vehicle, you will want to comply with ever-more stringent road safety regulations and protect your own car at the same time. Home/property insurance is surely just as important- burglary or even weather-related damage from wildfires or flooding is always within the realm of possibility. Even if you undervalue most of your possessions, there are always some that would cost you far too much to replace, like home electronics and furniture, as well as the actual structure of the dwelling.


The point to insulate the policyholder’s family from the costs, including basic funeral expenses, that follows the passing of an income earning member. When you sign up for this you also factor in what your heirs will inherit, and permanent life insurance is a source of tax-deferred savings in the long-term. Corporate interests and once-in-a-lifetime events like the birth of a child in the family also fall under the rubric of life insurance protection.


Insurance is useful above all for your peace of mind, and to safeguard your family’s future. There really can’t be more compelling reasons to research what kinds of insurance would be best for you, and then get it. In today’s world it’s worth minimizing as much anxiety from your daily life as you can and high premiums aren’t the worst alternative to stressing over possible, unexpected financial loss.