Best Insurance for Atlanta Residents

With so many different options for insurance in the Atlanta area, it can be difficult to know which types of coverage you must have and which would just be nice to have. Some are a no-brainer: you don’t really need RV insurance if you don’t own an RV. But what about those other types of coverage?

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Here are four Atlanta insurance options that you really should try to obtain if at all possible:

  1. Auto Insurance. If you own and drive a car in Atlanta, you are required by law to maintain continuous insurance on that vehicle. In fact, the state is so serious about it that they will assess a fine against you if you allow your auto insurance to lapse. How much coverage you need, however, is an entirely different matter. Of course you are going to want the best full coverage you can afford on a brand new vehicle, but you may only want minimum coverage on your 1980s beater car. Talk to your Atlanta auto insurance agent to find out what level of coverage is right for you.
  2. Life Insurance. This type of coverage is of particular importance for young families. While no one wants to think about the worst happening, it is far better to make plans for a tragedy than to let one strike with no insurance in place. A life insurance policy will protect your family from financial disaster in the event of death, and it can even help to pay for funeral expenses. Several types of life insurance products are available, so there is a level of coverage that virtually anyone can afford.
  3. Health Insurance. Health insurance is sort of a big thing in Atlanta right now, particularly with the new health care act. Even if this legislation hadn’t passed, however, it’s never a good idea to go through life without some type of medical insurance. We never know when we might become seriously ill or injured, and the cost of a health insurance policy is miniscule in the face of open-heart surgery or physical therapy.
  4. Umbrella Insurance. Umbrella insurance is simply extra liability insurance in case you are ever held liable for personal injury. While it may sound like something that only the very wealthy would be interested in, the fact is that every Atlanta resident needs it in this day and age. Personal injury claims are filed by the minute all over the country. If a judge were to find you liable for $2 million in damages, but your regular liability insurance only pays up to $250,000, you are going to have quite a situation on your hands. Umbrella insurance is not as costly as you may think—it’s actually quite affordable.

Of course, you may need additional types of insurance in Atlanta, but these are the four most important for the majority of residents. If you need insurance coverage, contact us at Waggoner’s Insurance in Atlanta by calling 770-434-4000 today.

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