Wondering how to get the best homeowner’s insurance policy in Marietta?

Check out these 7 tips to help you save money, protect yourself, and get the best insurance policy for your home:

  1. Shop around. Explore all your options to find the best rate—and, more importantly, the best policy for you. Check online rates, call local agencies, and check out the offerings of the major insurance companies. Remember that bigger companies don’t always offer the lowest rates, and in Marietta, you may find that your local insurance broker can offer you a better policy that is tailored to your exact needs.
  2. Examine your risk factors. Find out if you live in a flood prone area. Consider whether Fido may be considered a dangerous breed of dog. Do you have a pool? How close are you to fire stations and fire hydrants? All these factors will go into determining the specifications of the homeowner’s insurance policy that you need.
  3. Consider your budget. Think about what will fit into your budget. Do you want a lower monthly premium and higher deductible? Or, would you rather have the opposite, with a higher premium payment and a lower deductible?
  4. Figure out the amount of coverage you need. When you are pondering this issue, having the help of an experienced homeowner’s insurance agent in Marietta is invaluable. You may want more coverage to ensure you can replace valuable artwork, musical equipment, or sports memorabilia. Having more outbuildings may encourage you to have a higher level of coverage. The right amount of insurance is crucial—too much or too little is too expensive!
  5. Find an agent you trust. This tip can mean the difference between feeling like your claim experience was worse than the actual event and feeling like a weight was lifted off your shoulders. Trusting your Marietta homeowner’s insurance agent to work for you is vital. Peace of mind can’t be measured in dollars and cents.
  6. Ask your friends and family. Word of mouth from satisfied customers can increase your confidence in both your insurance broker and the policy you purchase. Ask neighbors about the insurance they purchased for their homes. If the homes are the same age and were constructed with the same basic materials, you can get a good idea of what others in your area needed, wanted, and are paying for their homeowner’s insurance. Talk to family to get recommendations for brokers in the city of Marietta.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your insurance agent should be on your side. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, even if you fear they may seem silly. You have a right to know as much as possible about your options, legal requirements, and customer service procedures. One of the benefits of living in small town is that you can develop a relationship with your insurance broker—a personal, face-to-face relationship filled with trust, respect, and professionalism.