Obtaining Atlanta auto insurance is a smart move—particularly if you plan on actually driving your car. However, it’s just as important to maintain your auto insurance as it is to get it in the first place.

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The last thing you want is to get pulled over or be involved in an accident and then find out that your policy has been cancelled. Follow these four tips and you can be confident that your Atlanta auto insurance will always be there when you need it:

1.  Pay your premiums. The number one reason why people lose their auto insurance coverage is non-payment. Some Atlanta auto insurance companies offer a grace period while others don’t. Most, however, will give at least 10 days notice before cancelling a policy that is in financial default.

If you are struggling to get the funds together, call your Atlanta auto insurance agent. He or she may not be able to extend the due day, but it may be possible to divide your premium into a series of smaller payments to make it easier on you.

2.  Be honest when you obtain your policy. Don’t try to game the system in order to get lower rates. Your insurance company will find out, and they may cancel your policy on account. If you drive 30 miles to work, don’t say you only drive 10. If you have a new teen driver in the household, don’t “forget” to add him or her to the policy. It isn’t worth the risk.

3.  Stay out of trouble. If you’re in the habit of getting where you’re going a little quicker than the law allows, you could find yourself uninsurable. Moving violations, particularly those that involve significant speeding, accumulate on your record. Collect to many of them and your Atlanta auto insurance company may determine that you are too much of a risk to extend coverage to.

4.  Be a defensive driver. Being the cause of a car accident is an excellent way to increase your Atlanta auto insurance premium. Get in the habit of it and, as with excessive moving violations, your insurance company may cancel your policy and refuse to continue insuring you.

Follow defensive driving techniques and always keep your cool when you’re behind the wheel. Do not drive if you are taking medication that can interfere with your ability to respond to road hazards quickly and, of course, never drink and drive.

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