Most parents cannot wait until the day their teen acquires his or her driver’s license because it relieves them from dropping their kids off and picking them up. The older the teen becomes, the later the hours that they stay out, which means the later the parents have to stay awake. According to a report conducted by, adding a teenage driver to the parent’s car insurance policy can boost the policies rates by an average of 79 percent.

What’s the reason for higher rates?
Teen drivers are seen as risks to car insurance companies, so they charge higher rates for people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for American teenagers ages 15 to 19. Fortunately, auto insurance rates lower as the teen driver gains experience behind the wheel. According to data from, premiums for teen drivers fall an average of 58 percent after they turn 19. This occurs as long as there have been no speeding tickets or car accidents.

Check With the Provider
Different auto insurance companies will have different preferences. Some want parents to insure their teen after he or she has received a learner’s permit. Others prefer to wait until they have received their license. Calling the insurance agent to check will help to find out their preferences. Teenagers who get good grades can get good student discounts. Studies have proven that students with a B or higher grade average are more responsible and have fewer claims.

Parents who set a good example: Wearing seat belts, avoiding cell phones while driving and observing speed limits will inspire teens to follow suit. A parent who spends generous amounts of time with their teen behind the wheel will help the teen to drive better. Additionally, evaluating car insurance coverage needs can help to determine if collision and comprehensive insurance should be included.

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