During the first nine months of 2014, the Georgia Department of Insurance announced that they received more than $4.7 million from auto insurance companies. These are the direct results of the mediation efforts of the department.

Complaints Given Serious Consideration
Since January 2014, the Consumer Services Division has answered over 6,000 complaints and assisted consumers with receiving $4,728,419 in car insurance claim settlements. The department helped numerous customers who initially received a denial of claims or a claims delay. In the majority of cases, the Consumer Specialists from the department obtained favorable settlements for consumers.

Georgia Insurance Commissioner
Ralph Hudgens, the Georgia Insurance Commissioner, said in a statement that his job requires helping consumers to know their rights under their insurance policy and Georgia law. Hudgens continued to say that some cases involved auto insurance companies failing to live up to their coverage. They sought to wriggle out of promises and shortchange the customer.

Since taking office on January 10, 2011, Ralph Hudgens said he has helped consumers to receive more than $35.4 million in car insurance settlements. Hudgens says that consumers need to choose their state insurance commissioner carefully because it means the difference between getting a settlement and receiving mediocre assistance.

What Does the State Insurance Commissioner Do?
In addition to fighting for consumers, the state insurance commissioner regulates more than 1,600 insurance companies, and they license more than 137,000 insurance agents. They fight for people who do not know their rights.

Voting for the Georgia insurance commissioner takes place again on November 4, 2014. People receive one vote to make a difference. Those who did not have a reason to vote for the state insurance commissioner will have a reason this year. If consumers want to keep insurance companies honest, they need to put someone in office who will protect them.

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