Some auto insurance specialists in Connecticut are now offering a Cell Phone Safety Discount that could soon make its way to Atlanta. A customer gets five percent off property damage, bodily injury and collision coverage for each vehicle where they install a device that blocks out distracting phone calls and text messages.

How the Discount Works

After the driver installs the text blocking device, they send a copy of the receipt to the company by using fax, postal service or email. Some might be wondering—what about emergencies? The device disables texting, Internet browsing and email when the vehicle is in motion, but 911 emergency calls have not been disabled. Georgia has strict penalties such as a $150 fine, and drivers found guilty receive one point against their driving record. In Georgia, four points within a 12-month period for those younger than 21 and they could have their license suspended. Individuals over 21 can have their license suspended for 15 points within a 24-month period. Additionally, as the points accumulate on your driving record, it raises the premiums for your auto insurance policy. It is not worth it.

Encouraging Safe Driving

According to the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study, texting while driving causes approximately 330,000 injuries per year. That is almost 25 percent of the total accidents. This discount will save lives by encouraging people to drive safely. The Cell Phone Safety Discount has currently made its way to other states including: Illinois, Washington DC, Delaware, Alabama and Pennsylvania. It is only a matter of time before it reaches Georgia. Cell phone and texting laws in Georgia are called primary laws. Primary laws mean a police officer can pull you over without witnessing other offenses. People should consider this discount worth it because they risk higher insurance rates if they are caught texting while driving by a police officer. Additionally, it makes the road safer for everyone.

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