Homeowners in Calhoun might soon hear the good news about their homeowners insurance premiums. During Monday’s Calhoun City Council Meeting, there was an announcement that the Calhoun Fire Department improved their ISO class from four to three. Those with homeowners insurance might wonder how this affects them? Well, insurance companies utilize specific factors to determine the price of your insurance premiums. One of the key factors is the level of fire protection. Those in high-risk areas will have higher premiums. Calhoun Fire Chief Lenny Nesbitt stated that the vast majority of insurance carriers use an ISO to determine the amount of fire protection available.

The ISO company serves clientele throughout the United States, and they have a special dedication to fire protection.

What Led to the Lower ISO Class?

Recently, the department built a multifunctional training facility. Additionally, CFD employed a full-duty Training Officer. With these new improvements, it led to the department meeting the higher standards and requirements, commonly found in Georgia. Other things that led to higher standards included: Required training for fire burns, driver training, hazardous materials training and officer training.

A Community That Came Together

Fire Chief Lenny Nesbitt continued by saying that the lowered homeowners insurance became possible due to the Calhoun Water Department providing their support. The Calhoun Utilities Water Department and staff kept the fire department with an excellent water supply, which is vital for the success of any fire department. The local insurance companies have been contacted and told about the new ISO class three rating, which will impact the fire insurance premiums for homeowners. Savings will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but the rating will be one of several various factors. However, people will not see a reduction in their insurance premiums until August 1, 2014, when the new rating goes into effect.

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