It’s official: The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has formally announced that the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season is upon us, which has prompted public officials in Georgia to remind residents about the importance of preparedness.

Although Georgia may not seem as vulnerable as its southern neighbor Florida when it comes to hurricanes, many coastal residents still remember the catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Dora in the mid-1960s. The Peach State may only have 100 miles of coastline, but the outer bands of strong hurricanes can travel pretty far inland and cause wind and flood damage. Such was the case in late June of 2005, when Hurricane Dennis made landfall in Florida and continued upwards to Alabama until it reached Atlanta.

Damage from Hurricane Dennis was estimated at about $250,000, and two fatalities were reported. Downed trees, flooded homes, broken windows, damaged roofs, ruined landscaping, and mold were among the most common homeowners insurance claims filed after this natural disaster.

For 2014, Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens called on Georgia residents to take a good look at their homeowners insurance documents as well as other policies they may have for their boats and vehicles. Residents of Atlanta are not impervious to storm surge, flooding or strong winds; they should make sure that their insurance policies are up-to-date and in effect during the hurricane seasons.

Georgia homeowners who are still making monthly payments on their mortgages can rely on their lenders to remind them of their policy expiration dates; however, many home buyers who paid cash for their properties after the real estate crash in 2008 never got around to getting insurance. The beginning of the hurricane season is a good time to look into residential insurance options, especially since many insurance companies do not issue new policies when a hurricane is predicted to make landfall.

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