Putting Your Marietta Auto Insurance Policy to Work for You

Why do you purchase Marietta auto insurance? To operate your vehicle legally, yes, but also to repair damage or replace your car if you’re ever involved in an accident.

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For someone who has never had to get a collision repair estimate, however, the entire process can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry…it’s not very difficult to use your Marietta auto insurance for its intended purpose. Just follow our guide:

1.  Call your Marietta auto insurance company. The first step is to start the process of filing your claim. You’ll need to let your auto insurance agent know that there’s been an accident and that you intend to use your coverage.

Ask if your agent has any recommendations on body shops if you don’t already know who you want to use. Also, be sure to ask if you’ll need more than one estimate from different body shops.

2.  Take your vehicle for several free estimates. There are so many body shops who offer estimates as a courtesy that you should never have to pay for one. Most of them operate on a walk-in basis and do not require you to schedule an appointment, but it’s always a good idea to call ahead of time to be sure.

Even if your Marietta auto insurance company doesn’t require multiple estimates, it’s still a good idea to get three or four. This will allow you to compare estimates to see if they are relatively close to one another. If one is significantly higher than the others, you probably don’t want to trust them with your repair unless they have an extremely solid reputation.

3.  Schedule your repair. When you’ve selected the repair center you’re going to use, it’s time to get on their schedule. You should find out how long the body shop anticipates your repair to take, and then plan for a day or two extra in case of delays.

You’ll also want to speak with your Marietta auto insurance agent again to check on the progress of your claim. Most body shops will not begin repairs until the insurance check comes through. Some shops will handle this call for you while others won’t. Ask your estimator what their policy is.

4.  Make arrangements for a rental if necessary. If you don’t have an alternate means of transportation while your car is in the shop, then you’ll need to obtain a rental car. Your Marietta auto insurance policy may cover all or a portion of this expense, depending on the coverage you signed up for. Ask your agent if you aren’t sure.

5.  Pick up your car. When the repair is complete, it’s time to pick it up. Be sure to look over the repairs to be sure that you are satisfied with them. You shouldn’t be able to readily tell the difference in paint colors or see waves in the body work.

Keep in mind, however, that your repair only covers the damage that occurred during the incident claimed; previous damage on other parts of the car will remain unless you opt to pay out of pocket for them.