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Marietta Councilman Temporarily Suspended

A Marietta Councilman has been temporarily suspended amid recent felony charges he was found guilty of. A jury recently convicted Anthony Coleman, 58, of one count of making a false statement, for sending a letter from his city office to the city's probation department indicating that Coleman’s girlfriend, Terry Jones Mays, had completed 59 hours [...]

Military Family Support Center opens Thursday in Marietta

A Military Family Support Center opens Thursday in Marietta. The center, which is part of a public-private partnership will serve National Guard and Reserve members, retired veterans and active-duty military personnel and their families, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The center will hold on-site sales for retired veterans, active-duty personnel and their families three [...]

Georgia Milestones tests for some grades waived

Many children in Cobb County recently completed the Georgia Milestones End-of-Grade tests successfully, but their grades reportedly won’t be used in decisions about whether to promote or retain them. The Georgia Milestones Assessment System (Georgia Milestones) is a comprehensive summative assessment program spanning grades 3 through high school. Georgia Milestones measures how well students have [...]

Trial to be Moved in Case of Hot SUV Toddler Death

A Georgia man accused of intentionally leaving his toddler in a hot SUV to die will have his trial somewhere other than Cobb County due to pretrial publicity. According to an article posted by The News and Advance, widespread publicity from the incident has spurred a defense request to hold the trial elsewhere due to [...]

Pay Increase Expected for Marietta Educators

Teachers and staff at Marietta City Schools may have a pay increase in their near future. The expected pay increase comes with no tax hike for Marietta residents, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “The average increase for certified teachers would be 4.2 percent for teachers and 3.7 percent for other certified,” [...]

Townhomes in Marietta Get Green Light

A large development in Vinings got a green light from the Cobb Board of Commissioners on Tuesday. According to an article by the Marietta Daily Journal, the development is planned for a six-acre tract off Paces Ferry Road. The development will include 67 townhomes. The townhomes will start in the $500,000s and go up to [...]

Marietta Won’t Change Outdoor Seating Ordinance

A theatre in Marietta was recently denied the request to add tables and chairs in front of the building. An article in the Marietta Daily Journal said the committee decided not to make the changes to the city’s outdoor seating ordinance because if they allow one business to do it, then they would have to [...]

Nearly 3,000 Marietta Residents May Have Lost Their Food Stamps

An estimated 2,942 residents in Cobb County may have recently lost their food stamps April 1 when a federal waiver on work requirements for food aid beneficiaries was lifted, according to an article in the Marietta Daily Journal. Officials with the Department of Family and Children Services confirmed the news. The change reinstates stricter regulations [...]

Marietta Day Care Cited for Mold

Kiddie Kollege, a day care on Lower Roswell Road in Marietta, was recently cited for mold infestation. According to an article by CBS46, Investigators targeted the facility after CBS46 exposed allegations of the mold last month, which was allegedly found on walls, wallpaper, desks and in the bathrooms. “Exposure like this can bring up a [...]

BOC Considers Work Force Program in Drug Courts

Cobb County is considering an employment program for people enrolled in substance-abuse accountability courts, according to an article in the Marietta Daily Journal. Accountability courts offer eligible defendants rehabilitation and treatment as an alternative to conviction and jail time. Cobb County would be one of the first counties in Georgia to offer the program. According [...]