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Foul Play Suspected in Fatal Marietta House Fire

Detectives with the Cobb County Police Department are currently treating the July 23 Marietta house fire that killed one teen and injured another as a homicide, 11 Alive News reports. Police and K-9 units were on the scene immediately after the fire was put out Saturday afternoon, searching the bushes and area surrounding the house [...]

Shots Fired at Marietta Police During Gun Shop Standoff

11 Alive News reports that police took four suspects into custody for attempting to rob a Marietta gun store Tuesday morning, bringing to end a tense standoff that saw an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and officers. Law enforcement responded to a report of a break in at the Deercreek Gun Shop on Fairmount [...]

“Pokémon Go” Craze Comes to Marietta, Bringing Crowds and Damage to Square

The hit new mobile app Pokémon Go has become a nationwide sensation, and Marietta is no exception, as more than 500 players roamed the downtown square on Thursday evening, leading to at least one instance of property damage. CBS 46 reports that a Facebook post inspired many players to come to downtown Marietta in search [...]

Marietta Post Office to be Renamed in Honor of Fallen Soldier

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill to rename a Marietta post office in honor of a fallen Marine. Patch.com reports U.S. Rep. Tom Price wrote the bill, (H.R. 5612), to designate the U.S. post office at 2886 Sandy Plains Road as the "Marine Lance Corporal Squire 'Skip' Wells [...]

Marietta Celebrates Independence Day with Annual Event

Thousands of spectators flocked to Marietta Monday for the city’s Freedom Parade this year. The city was expecting about 30,000 people to watch the annual Freedom Parade that morning, which included 110 entries and 2,000 participants. “Stationed in a prime spot on Marietta Square, the Buzzell family of east Cobb was trying to establish a [...]

Major Marietta Business Deals Announced this Week

Two major business deals affecting Marietta were announced this week. Coolray will be bringing its headquarters to Marietta and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has sold several buildings and land from its Marietta location to Georgia Tech. The Wrench Group, whose home maintenance and repair service brands include Coolray, is bringing its corporate headquarters to Marietta, according [...]

Marietta Museum Celebrates ‘Gone With the Wind’

It’s the 80th anniversary of the classic novel ‘Gone With the Wind’ and the Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum held a special celebration last weekend in honor of the anniversary. A range of special guests spoke at the event including Daniel Selznick, son of David O. Selznick, who produced the movie. Tickets were $180 [...]

Organization to Offer Thousands of Free Lunches to Marietta Children This Summer

MUST Ministries will offer more than 7,500 sack lunches during the week to children in need in Cobb County and other nearby regions. According to the Marietta Daily Journal, last year MUST’s summer lunch program gave out more than 303,000 lunches prepared by more than 12,000 volunteers. “MUST began handing out lunches the day after [...]

Marietta Police Raise Money for Special Olympics

The Marietta Police Department spent the day Friday at Dunkin’ Donuts from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. for National Doughnut Day. Their purpose? To raise money for Special Olympics of Georgia. According to a FOX 5 News article, the officers also sold shirts and hats. National Doughnut Day, which is celebrated in the United States, is [...]

Two Women Dead Following Marietta House Fire

Two sisters who were rescued from a massive home fire in Marietta early Tuesday morning have died. Media reports say Marietta firefighters spent hours battling the blaze at the historic Willingham House in the 400 block of Church Street. Fire officials told Channel 2 the women were unconscious when they were found sitting behind the [...]