11 Alive News reports that police took four suspects into custody for attempting to rob a Marietta gun store Tuesday morning, bringing to end a tense standoff that saw an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and officers.

Law enforcement responded to a report of a break in at the Deercreek Gun Shop on Fairmount Street early Tuesday morning, arresting two suspects on arrival.

According to reports by Fox 5, a third suspect fired on officers from inside the store. Officers soon returned fire, though no one was hit.

SWAT units soon surrounded the building, and officers were able to arrest the third suspect. Afterwards, a fourth suspect surrendered from inside the gun store.

The entire ordeal ended at approximately 9 a.m., though authorities were still securing the scene long after that, working to ensure public safety and guarantee no other suspects were at large.

“We evacuated the houses behind the business to make sure no one else was is in danger,” Officer Brittany Wallis told 11 Alive.

Officer Wallis also made it clear that police were treating the incident with extra caution due to the nature of the business the suspects were in.

“You have to think, any gun store they have ammo, they gave guns, they also carry knives, some carry flash bangs. It’s just one of those things, you have to be cautious of what we’re getting into,” she said.

Several departments are working with Marietta P.D. in investigating the crime.

There have been no injuries reported in association with the incident.

Local law enforcement was quick to assure the public that the shooting was not part of an ambush on police as seen in Dallas and Baton Rouge, adding that officers have been on high alert and have been staying together.

“There are several officers, and our response to anything here lately has been that way,” Officer Wallis told Fox 5.

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