A Cumming woman who allegedly lied about having terminal ovarian cancer was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft and felony first-degree forgery earlier this month. The woman began telling people she was suffering from Stage IV ovarian cancer in 2010. She was released on $2,365 bond.

Case Facts
According to police reports, Mary Bennett, 29, accepted nearly $25,000 worth of donations and gifts from others who hoped to help her through her diagnosis. Bennett was a licensed practical nurse who allegedly gave police false medical records when they began investigating claims that she did not actually have cancer. She was charged with a misdemeanor because not enough victims have come forward to file a complaint. Police believe there are many more victims and encourage them to contact the police department with information.

Gifts Received
Donut Connection in north Forsyth County held a spaghetti dinner for Bennett, raising $4,000 to send her to Houston, which she said was necessary for her cancer treatment. In addition, Bennett was given Braves tickets as well as signed letters from the team’s players. Bennett received a hunting trip, went skydiving and was provided a trip in a hot-air balloon. She was given a trip to New Orleans, visited Treasure Bay in Biloxi, rode the Skyview in Atlanta and a fishing trip on the Gulf of Mexico.

Devastating Illness
One of the reasons so many citizens in the area gave Bennett gifts was the prognosis of someone who is diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, women diagnosed with ovarian cancer have a five-year survival rate as low as 17 percent. Cancer that is diagnosed before it spreads to other organs have a better survival rate, but only 15 percent of ovarian cancers are found at such an early stage. Bennett repeatedly posted on social media about her “bucket list,” things she wanted to achieve before her terminal illness ended her life. However, medical evidence now indicates that Bennett had never been diagnosed with any type of cancer and was in no danger of dying from a terminal illness. Throughout North Georgia, people came forward to help Bennett deal with her illness and help her achieve the goals she wanted to achieve before she died.

Many people were shocked when it was revealed that Bennett had been lying about her illness. Many felt that the fraud was worse because others were losing their battle with the devastating illness and had not received the benefits that Bennett had accepted, knowing she was not dying. Waggoner Insurance wants those who are suffering from terminal illness or disease that we are here to help you protect your family. We offer health insurance products that may allow you to search for new and innovative treatments for your illness. We can also review your life insurance policies to be sure your family is protected should the worst happen. Auto and homeowner insurance is also available by calling our office or visiting us online. Contact us today to make sure your loved ones are protected.

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