On Friday, January 22, 2016, Marietta and surrounding areas in Georgia braced for an impending winter storm that threatened to drop significant amounts of snow and ice. Over the past few years, similar winter storms have caused many municipalities to expend additional funds to keep citizens safe from ice and snow.

Winter Weather Is Expensive
Many officials say that winter weather is very expensive with costs around $50,000 for fuel, resources and manpower to run a 12-hour shift of road crews who must prepare roads for impending ice or snow. In addition, dangerous weather predictions require all Cobb County firefighters and EMTs to be available for duty, increasing salary budgets due to overtime. Atlanta alone spent $4 million to add salt and sand trucks to their fleet after ice storms crippled the area over the past few years.

Closing Offices
Another factor that leads to increases in costs is that governmental offices in the area closed at lunchtime so that employees could get home before the winter weather arrived. Although it is difficult to determine how much money is lost when government offices close early, there is an economic loss as employees are not required to make up the hours later. School districts also closed early, although they say an early closure does not result in additional costs to the district. In addition, most school districts build in inclement weather days in the schedule in order to keep from extending the school year, which can lead to additional costs.

Business Losses
It is not only government that suffers losses when inclement weather is predicted. Many businesses located near city offices reported a significant drop in business when government workers go home early. Fewer people visit local restaurants when there are predictions of snow and ice. Even food delivery services are unable to continue offering the service if roads are ice or snow covered. This can all lead to lost revenue that may not be recoverable.

Snow and ice can cause a significant economic impact in all parts of the country, but it may be worse in the south where governments are unprepared for significant amounts of winter weather. It is also more difficult for citizens to know how to drive when they don’t experience inclement weather as often as those in other areas of the country. This leads to more accidents during snow or ice in the Marietta area in winter weather. Waggoner Insurance understands that winter weather can be difficult to manage. We also understand how an accident or damage to your property is sometimes unavoidable when the weather becomes treacherous. The best way to protect yourself, your family and your property is to have adequate insurance should the worst happen. Contact us today for a review of your auto, home, life and health policies to be sure you are covered for any emergency. You can reach us by phone or online to set up your review to keep your family and property protected.