As the holiday shopping season moves into full swing, Marietta police are warning shoppers to be aware of their surroundings in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Although there is no current threat to the Marietta area, police say that no location is immune from violence today and it takes vigilance to protect you and your family from harm should the worst happen during your holiday shopping trip to the mall.

Put Away Phones
According to Marietta Police Officer, David Baldwin, shoppers should put their phones away as they walk through the mall or any other shopping area. He says that, too often, people become absorbed in texting or reading messages, they don’t look around and notice something that may seem suspicious. Officer Baldwin said that people sometimes get “tunnel vision,” believing that if they don’t look at anything, nothing bad will happen.

If the Worst Happens
Officer Baldwin said that if you find yourself in an active-shooter situation, the best steps are to run away if you can safely do so, find a place to barricade yourself and your loved ones but keep in mind what is around you, grabbing anything that can be used as a weapon. Although the risks of an active shooting situation are small, there is nothing wrong with planning ahead. Consider the layout of the mall or area where you are shopping and determine areas where you could either escape or barricade yourself until it is safe.

Police Seminar
In an effort to help prepare citizens, the Marietta Police Department is offering a seminar entitled “Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events” on December 9 at 6 PM in the Marietta Performing Arts Center at Marietta High School. Police will provide information on what to do in the case of an active shooter event, how to prepare for and respond to being trapped in a building or area during such events and tips on how to keep yourself safe. The purpose of the seminar is to empower and instill confidence in citizens of all ages. Those interested can register for the seminar by sending an email to with their name, phone number and the number of attendees.

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