Public dignitaries throughout metro-Atlanta gathered at the Cobb County Safety Village recently to receive more than $267,000 worth of life-saving equipment donated to area public safety organizations by Firehouse Subs. The donation is part of the company’s “Helping Our Hometown Heroes” program.

Equipment Donated
The Cobb County Safety Village Foundation, Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services as well as the Smyrna Police Department were recipients of the equipment. Some of the equipment received included a tactical series robot with capabilities for bomb disposal as well as surveillance and reconnaissance. Thermal imaging cameras were also donated that will be used to locate victims along with a fire safety house, automated external defibrillators, a fire hose, vehicle extraction equipment and tablet computers.

Cobb County Safety Village
Cobb County Safety Village is a comprehensive safety training environment designed to provide knowledge regarding safety to businesses and citizens. Instructors at the village share advanced techniques and ideas that make the community a safer place to live and work. Local groups construct reduced-sized buildings on sites in the village, which is equipped with sidewalks, traffic signals and other structures designed to represent the surrounding area. Firehouse Subs sponsors a storefront in the village and has provided support for the project for some time. Funds from the sponsorship of the storefront will be used to construct Public Safety Fire and Police buildings in the village.

Helping Our Hometown Heroes
Since its inception, Helping Our Hometown Heroes has donated more than $15 million and impacted more than 1,000 communities. The foundation provides funding for life-saving equipment, prevention education, scholarships, support for members of the military as well as disaster preparedness and relief. Funds are received through donation canisters located between registers at all Firehouse Sub locations, customers who “round up” their purchase to the nearest dollar when they visit a Firehouse Sub store or purchase a recycled five-gallon pickle bucket for only $2. Proceeds from the sale of all pickle buckets, which can be used for gardening, car washing, painting or other chores requiring a bucket, are donated to the foundation. Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation was founded in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. Co-founders, Chris and Robin Sorenson, fed first responders and survivors in Mississippi after the tragedy. After they returned to Florida, the founders created the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

Since 2005, more than $1.2 million has been awarded to Georgia public safety organizations by the foundation. The donation continues the Sorenson family tradition of service as company leadership has decades of police and fire service experience. The foundation they created helps provide valuable safety equipment designed to save a life. Waggoner Insurance also wants to keep your family safe and healthy. They offer protection for your home, your car, your health and your life so that your family is taken care of should tragedy strike. Contact us today to learn how we can provide you the protection you need.

Firehouse Subs