Shopping for car insurance in Atlanta need not be a dreaded task. Although many coverage providers claim to offer the widest range of discounts, car owners are reminded that the most attractive rates combined with the best overall protection are realized when a few simple tips are employed.

In the Atlanta metro area, drivers are confronted with heavy traffic, ongoing construction, and uncertain weather conditions. A full-coverage insurance package gives motorists peace of mind when they get behind the wheel.

Making A Checklist

The lowest insurance rates will be offered to vehicle owners who have little or no citation history, operate a car that is considered safe by the IIHS and other agencies, and drive fewer than the regional average miles per month.

When applying for a policy, vehicle owners will be asked to check off certain items. These include installed safety equipment such as driver alert sensors, traction control, and anti-theft systems. It is very important to make sure every item that applies to the vehicle is noted on the form.

Insuring Multiple Drivers

Purchasing a policy that insures all drivers who operate the vehicle will nearly always result in lower rates, even if one or more of the drivers is a teen. A policy that includes uninsured motorist protection and PIP is always recommended.

Choosing A Deductible

Safe drivers with no accident history may opt for a higher deductible amount on the collision insurance portion of their policy. Choosing a $500 deductible may save as much as 30 percent versus a policy written for a $250 deductible amount.

Combining Policy Types

It is always advisable to consult with a local insurance agency that specializes in combined coverage. Homeowners insurance is rather expensive by itself, but combining this protection with life, mortgage life, and car insurance nearly always results in a special discount.

Talk to a local insurance agency in Atlanta for the latest discounts offered by auto insurance providers. These discounts change periodically, and the agent can outline the current perks for combined insurance.