Marietta Homeowners Insurance – Purchasing homeowners insurance is the necessary follow-up to the purchase of any new or pre-owned home. The price you pay for any insurance policy can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars in cost. Your homeowners insurance costs can be lowered by taking a few steps to make sure you get the lower homeowners insurance rates you deserve.

It is preferable and easiest to shop around with an agency that can do the comparison work for you. Make sure the insurance company underwriting your policy is stable and currently paying out policies in your area. It is wise to use an insurance company that enjoys a high level of consumer satisfaction. Let your insurance agent explain the details of various policies, so you are not literally comparing apples to oranges. A current appraisal of your home should be completed, giving you a fair market value of both your home and land value.

Lowering your deductibles can lower your over all insurance premiums. Analyze your finances before you choose deductibles, as these later mean more “out of pocket expense.” Bundle your coverage with the same company if possible to obtain discounts with loyal customer status. Group discounts may be available from your union or alumni association. Retired individuals or those 55 and older may qualify for discounts as well.

Retrofit an older home with installation of fire-resistant shingles and roofing. Have professional assistance in preparing your home to withstand winds, flooding and natural disasters. Be proactive about security issues. The installation of locks, alarms and monitoring devices is expensive. These can however, save you money later on in both policy costs and potential losses to theft. Review your policies often and ask your agent if your policy can be examined or revised to lower homeowners insurance rates to your best advantage.