Teen Drivers in Atlanta:  Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage that most teenagers look forward to. However, the freedom of the road is always tempered by the reality of car insurance. While teen drivers may be excited to get out on the road, car insurance companies are often less so, which is why coverage for teenagers is more expensive than for most other drivers. The reason for this increase in premiums is because teen drivers are more likely to get into accidents. Even with this fact, it is possible to find more affordable car insurance for teens.

To start, be sure to shop around. Coverage varies from company to company, so it is important to get multiple quotes in order to find the best deal. However, be sure to look at all factors when comparison shopping. Some plans may be cheaper, but they may not provide as much of the needed liability insurance. Teenagers need to have ample coverage because they are more likely to get into an accident, so it is no time to sacrifice coverage for price.

Moreover, always consider bundling car insurance for teens with other policies. Getting coverage for a teenager is usually more affordable if the family uses the same company for their other auto insurance in addition to their home and life insurance policies.

Another way to save on car insurance is to keep a clean record. As with all policies, drivers with fewer accidents get cheaper rates. More than that, many car insurance companies will offer discounts for students who maintain a high GPA. Therefore, teenagers who can maintain good grades in school will often have to pay less for their coverage.

Coverage for teens will always be higher, but with these tips, it is possible to lower premiums without sacrificing the needed coverage.

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