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New president named at Kennesaw State University

Cobb County’s flagship university has a new president. Sam Olens was named the next president of Kennesaw State University on Wednesday. According to a press release from the school, Olens will assume the position on November 1, leaving his current position as attorney general for the state of Georgia. “I pledge to work in partnership with [...]

Cobb Commissioners likely to put off pay raise vote

Over 2,000 public employees in Cobb County could have to wait a little longer to know if they will receive a proposed pay raise amidst reports the board of commissioners is tabling the raise. Although the board has set aside a $10 million fund for potential pay raises in the local government, many commissioners believe [...]

3 Umbrella Insurance Mistakes to Avoid in Marietta

If you own dogs, have a pool, have accumulated valuable assets, or even have a teen driver in the household, then you may need Marietta umbrella insurance. The amount of personal injury lawsuits filed have skyrocketed over the last decade or two, and even people who would have never thought of themselves as at risk [...]