The SAT scores for the class of 2016 are now out for schools across Georgia. While much of Cobb County took leaps forward, In terms of performance students in Marietta City Schools seem to be falling.

Across Cobb County the Marietta Daily Journal reports that scores for the exam required by most U.S. colleges were higher than the state average. The Cobb SAT average was 1520 out of a possible 2400 points, more than 60 points higher than the Georgia average.

Despite this stellar performance by the county as a whole, scores in Marietta’s charter school district regressed compared to previous years. The average score fell to 1431, well short of last year’s average of 1479.

While Marietta High Schools averaged 1431 on the SAT nearby Walton High, part of the Cobb County School District, had the fourth-highest scores in the state, according to the AJC.

Marietta Superintendent Emily Lembeck expressed disappointment in the scores, pledging school officials would investigate why scores dropped.

“This drop is just so extreme it just needs more investigation,” she said.

Lembeck also indicated fewer students in Marietta City Schools took the SAT this year. That figure is likely impacted by the fact students taking the test after March were not counted due to the SAT switching its exam to a new version, which is graded out of a possible 1600 points.

More than 69,000 Georgia students took the SAT over the past year, improving the state’s average exam score by five points.

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