Indiana Gov. Mike Pence elicited cheers from an enthusiastic crowd at the Cobb Galleria Monday night as he described a near future where he and Republican nominee Donald Trump are in the White House.

“Donald Trump, on day one, is going to do what we did in the Hoosier State — we cut a few taxes back there in the last four years, but we also froze regulations,” Pence said, per the Marietta Daily Journal.

Pence was well received at his second stop in Georgia on Monday. He made an appearance at the National Fairgrounds in Perry at 2 p.m. before dropping by the Smyrna area to speak at the Cobb Galleria rally, which the AJC reports was standing room only, at 7:30 that evening, reports.

The conservative governor was introduced by Georgia Republicans Senator David Perdue and U.S. Representative Tom Price of Roswell, who he mentioned as potential partners in repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act if the Trump-Pence ticket is voted in in November.

Tom, David, if we can get this done on day one, it’ll be real good. We’ll be looking to them to put on our desk a bill that will repeal Obamacare lock, stock and barrel,” Pence said.

Also speaking at the event was 2012 GOP presidential candidate and current talk show host Herman Cain, who lambasted suggestions that Georgia could be potentially won by Democrats in the general election.

To those that believe that Georgia just might vote Democrat in November 2016, I have one word for that that I learned from my grandfather, and I’m going to paraphrase: ‘Bullfeathers!’”

In a WSB poll from July 25, Trump had a two-point lead in over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the state.

Pence’s tour of Georgia is set to continue into Tuesday morning, when he will make an appearance in Dalton.

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