A new golf and entertainment complex is under consideration in Smyrna following a presentation to the city. The complex, which would house a driving range and golf course is, being proposed by Gonna Fly Now LLC. The Atlanta-based golf club management company recently purchased land in Smyrna.

The proposed AllStar Golf would be 61,300-square feet and would cost $27 million. It would be built on what is now the clubhouse and driving range portion of Legacy Golf Links on Windy Hill Road between Highway 41 and Atlanta Road, according to an article in the Marietta Daily Journal.

“Legacy Golf and the neighboring Fox Creek Golf Club were recently bought by Gonna Fly Now LLC, which would develop and own the facility, and it would be managed by Mosaic Clubs & Resorts, whose partners and principals operate more than 200 clubs worldwide,” the article reads. “All-Star would be a three-story, 61,000-square-foot building with 102 driving range bays and a $1 million camera and radar ball tracking system that allow for a variety of games to be played, from closest to the pin and longest drive competitions to hitting moving targets. The facility would also include a corporate and special event meeting room and a restaurant intended to be a ‘destination’ eating facility with a ‘quality’ menu instead of fare such as hamburgers and hot dogs, said Whitney Crouse, founding partner and chairman of Mosaic.”

The company expects the complex bring a $200 million impact to the county over a 10-year period. The facility would also bring 400 full-time and part-time jobs to the area.

Around the facility would be 36 holes of the Legacy and Fox Creek courses, according to MDJ. Legacy Golf is a par-58 course consisting of mostly par-3 holes with four par-4s, while Fox Creek is a par-62.

“A timeline for construction of the facility was not addressed during the presentation. Before it can move forward, permits would have to be obtained from the Department of Interior,” the article reads. “The federal department owns the land — which is adjacent to Dobbins Air Reserve Base — and leases it to Cobb County, said Eddie Canon, the county’s parks director.”

The land would not have to be rezoned as it is already zoned for recreational usage.

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