A proposed Chick-fil-A restaurant near the Marietta square is getting support from local businesses.

According to an article in the Marietta Daily Journal, multiple business owners have expressed positive feedback about the proposed 5,000-square-foot restaurant moving to an acre-lot property off the Square.

The owner of Shillings restaurant, which is within walking distance of the lot, told the MDJ he has the attitude of “the more, the merrier.” Dave Reardon said he’s been on the Square for 38 years. Reardon also said he’s mainly heard positive comments from customers.

The owners of Marietta Pizza Company also told the MDJ that they have no problem with the fast food restaurant coming to the location, mainly because it’s not on the Square and Chick-fil-A is known for its community involvement.

This won’t be the first chain-based restaurant near the Square. Located nearby is Starbucks and La Parilla.

The Marietta City Council approved the building design during a March 9 council meeting and will consider the restaurant’s site plan at an April council meeting, according to the article.

The council doesn’t usually oversee building design, but because Chick-fil-A would be a new development in the downtown area, approval is needed from the Historic Board of Review and council.

There are more than 30 Marietta Square restaurants in the area — ranging from traditional American and Southwestern fare – to Asian, Colombian, Greek, French, Italian and even Mediterranean cuisine . Desserts, bakery items and “spirits” are also within easy reach. Many establishments have outdoor seating.

The Marietta Square is also brimming with history. The Great Locomotive Chase of the American Civil War started there. Also, during the Civil War militia trained on the park, the area was used as a military hospital, and later the buildings were burned during Sherman’s March to the Sea.

The Marietta Museum of History on the second floor of the historic Kennesaw House holds collections of photographs, artifacts and information about Marietta and North Georgia.

The new restaurant’s design would sync with the historic look of the Square – an all-brick building boasting wood walls and specialty lighting, according to the MDJ article. The Atlanta-based chain is slated to open in late 2017.