An estimated $9.5 million dollar drug bust operation recently came to a head in Georgia. The massive operation was a cooperative effort between federal, state and local agencies, according to a Fox 5 news article. At least one Marietta person was charged in the incident, Nate Howard, 30, of 1995 Carithers Way.

During the course of the investigation, officials said 72 kilos of cocaine, 15 kilos of meth, and 50 pounds of marijuana were confiscated by authorities.

The GBI said the drug kingpin had been operating in the region for several years, according to the article. Those involved will likely be charged under the RICO statute, which is used in organized crime cases.

Local agencies including the Calhoun and Chatsworth police departments, Murray and Cherokee county sheriff’s offices and Conasauga Safe Streets Task are among the 200 officers issuing search and arrest warrants, a news release states.

A Times Free Press article reports the target is Horace Mayfield, of Stephens County, Ga., who the Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office release said had operated a “multifaceted drug trafficking network with tentacles reaching south into Atlanta and north into South Carolina.”

Mayfield and some 26 others will be charged. The 10-month investigation involved dozens of cooperating agencies, according to reports.

Mayfield and his drug trafficking organization have been operating in Stephens County and surrounding communities for many years, according to WRCB-TV.

Although numerous arrests have been made and evidence seized, the investigation continues and additional arrests are expected. The initial roundup involved 20 search warrants and 27 arrest warrants, but more raids are expected across the region.

The GBI released the names of those arrested, which include the following:

  • Rashad Beasley, 41, of Lavonia, GA
  • Sherry Evans, 39, of Hartwell, GA
  • Henry Harris 61, of Seneca, SC
  • Malissa Holden, 43, of Seneca, SC
  • Nate Howard 30, of Marietta, GA
  • Avero Howard 38, of Toccoa, GA
  • Joy Hunter 32, of Westminster, SC
  • Stephens Ivester 38, of Eastonallee, GA
  • Quincy Jones 33, of Toccoa, GA
  • Jack Mark 63, of Seneca, SC
  • Horace Mayfield III 31 of Winder GA
  • Deltorious McClendon ,27, of Athens, GA
  • Gustavo Melendez 38, of Atlanta, GA
  • Brittany Prather 23, of Toccoa, GA
  • Megan Sanders, 28, of Athens, GA
  • Audreona Scott ,24, of Winder, GA
  • Bobby J. Smith 30, of Eastanollee, GA
  • Leonardo Steeple, 38, of Toccoa, GA
  • Mario Stowers 36, of Westminster, SC
  • Marvin Teasley,38, of Toccoa, GA
  • Dwayanego Poole, 38, of Seneca, SC
  • Chanin Mayfield ,26, 317 of Toccoa, GA
  • Carlos Torres, 26, of Atlanta, GA
  • Wilfredo Otero, 24, of Atlanta, GA


For a list of addresses included in the raid, click here.