Just a few days before Christmas, on December 23, 2015, a house fire on King Arthur Court in Smyrna claimed the life of an elderly man and injured his wife. The man was pronounced dead at the scene while his wife was transported to an area hospital where she was listed in critical condition.

Fire Details
According to Dan Dupree of the Cobb county Fire Department, the fire was contained to the kitchen and they are still investigating what may have caused the blaze. A preliminary investigation indicated that the fire was accidental as there was no evidence of arson. This was the second fire death in a week in the area as a 58-year-old Marietta resident died in a house fire on Wynbrook Road on December 15. His wife was able to escape the flames as well. That fire is also under investigation.

What to Do in Case of Fire
Despite your best efforts to prevent fire in your home, there is always a risk that a fire could occur due to electrical problems, lightning strikes or other factors that may be out of your control. As soon as your smoke alarm sounds, you should exit your home as quickly as possible. Do not stop to grab your phone, valuables or other possessions. Your first thought should be to evacuate your family and pets as soon as possible. If you are in a bedroom when the alarm sounds, quickly close all doors to the room. Press your hand against the doors to feel for warmth. If the door remains cool for a few seconds, slowly open the door, lower yourself to the floor and crawl out. If the door becomes hot, use a different exit from the room, even a window if there is no other door.

Preparing Your Family
One of the best ways to protect your family for a fire in your home is by practicing regular fire drills. Identify a central meeting location, such as a tree some distance from your home. Practice escaping from the home using different exits during each drill. Plan the drills for different hours of the day or night to be sure that smoke detectors can be heard by all family members. Children over the age of four can be taught to exit the home on their own and meet at a designated area. For smaller children, incorporate methods for reaching them during a house fire to be sure they are evacuated safely as well.

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