With the increasing costs of auto insurance, everyone is looking for methods to save money on car insurance. For 34 states, seniors can take a class to receive a driver-safe discount. Seniors 55 and older are eligible for the discount. Depending on the state, you receive a 10 percent discount or higher for receiving a certificate.

The safe-driving classes are offered in: Georgia, Alaska, Idaho, Arkansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Maine, New York and others. After you pass the class, you receive a certificate that can be turned in to an insurance company for a discount that is good for three years. Once the three years are up, you have to take the class again to receive the discount. In Georgia, seniors who receive the driving certificate must be given a 10 percent discount or higher. If you want the discount, you can attend a local classroom or online. However, before taking classes, check with the Georgia State Department of Motor Vehicles and your auto insurance provider to know the class is approved.

These classes cover strategies for safer driving, the usage of newer technology and the rules of the road Additionally, senior drivers can reduce their car insurance rates by driving fewer miles. In some cases, this allows you to decrease the level of needed coverage because you drive less.

Becoming an educated driver lets you get the most from your insurance provider. The best coverage will depend on your situation. Senior citizens who purchase safe cars will save money because the cars have been deemed as low-risk. You can locate a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to receive another discount for driving.

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