Life happens.  We all know it.  And it tends to happen at the most inconvenient and unexpected times.   A fender bender, a visit to the emergency room, wind damage to the roof…. This is why you have insurance.  But what about some of the slightly more (or maybe way more) out there things that could (but probably won’t) happen?  What do you do then?

Here are some surprising things that are covered by standard insurance policies.  Keep in mind that you always want to look at your deductible and weigh it against the cost of the problem before making a claim.  If your deductible is more than the problem, a claim is pointless.

If your family pooch decides to take a bite out of the mailman, don’t worry.  Your homeowner’s policy should cover dog bites, and the medical and legal costs of your pup thinking someone is his chew toy.

You’re at a concert and all of the sudden the rush to get to the band causes a riot and your car is damaged.  A comprehensive auto insurance plan should cover this.  If the riot happens to be in front of your house and the house gets damaged, your homeowner’s policy should cover damage from a riot.

In a legal battle because of a car accident?  Don’t stress.  Your auto policy’s liability coverage kicks in now and should pay for a defense attorney for you.

Your child’s dorm room gets broken in to and things are stolen.  No worries, most homeowner’s policies protect kid’s possessions when they are at home because of college.  Make sure to check with your agent, however, to verify what the rules are.

Rats chew through your fuel line (or maybe just some wires)?  Don’t panic!  Most auto policies cover if rodents like to use your car as a teething ring.  Again, verify with your agent what their rules are.

Most people don’t ever think about their home being destroyed by a volcano, but if be some insane chance of this happening, your homeowner’s insurance should cover it.  But make sure that if you are in an earthquake area or a flood zone that you get a separate policy from your insurance agent as those are not covered under standard policies.

And last but not least, we all know from movies that a meteorite is bound to land on our house at some point in our day-to-day lives.  Nothing to fear!  Your homeowner’s insurance policy should have protection against meteorite damage.

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