Your home is one of the most major investments you will make, so you need the best insurance to adequately protect your home if a crisis strikes. Many homeowners lack sufficient coverage and end up having to pay excessively. Don’t let that happen to you.

Look for some basic coverage in the best homeowners insurance.

  • Covers entire replacement cost of the home (basic policies generally don’t provide for complete replacement)
  • Protection in case of fire, theft and accidents (for damage to both personal property and your home)
  • Personal liability for coverage in case of accidents like someone slipping on your porch and hurting herself
  • Inclusive, wide coverage for damage to your house and other permanent structures on the property. Some policies specifically exclude certain causes of damage, so lobby to have them included if you strongly feel they are necessary
  • Some coverage (from about $500 to $2,000) for jewelry and other items stolen from your house (not including jewelry you lose). You need a homeowners policy endorsement to cover you if your collections are larger and more expensive than $2,000
  • Assistance for costs you sustain because of a loss (such as if a fire means you cannot live in your home for a while and must rent an apartment)

The best homeowners insurance provides quality coverage at fair prices. A lower price sounds attractive but may, in fact, be detrimental if many losses are not covered. The best insurance also rewards you for taking steps to protect your home against risks. For example, it provides discounts if you use safety measures such as smoke alarms and home security systems.

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