Every homeowner needs to have an adequate level of insurance coverage. Even very well-built homes are susceptible to being damaged by a powerful force of nature. A blazing fire can completely destroy a home in less than an hour’s time. Home insurance is designed to protect your investment in a variety of different situations. Here are a few of the key benefit of homeowners insurance. 

Provides funding to rebuild and repair your home
The cost of constructing a new home can easily exceed $100,000. If your home has been completely destroyed due to an accident or natural disaster, you must start all over. Although some of the structural damage may be repairable, the materials and cost of labor can quickly become expensive. A good insurance plan will be able to fund the rebuilding of your family’s home.
Valuable possessions
Aside from the home itself, insurance also helps to protect the valuable items within a home. Flat screen TVs and handmade furniture are very costly to replace. A home insurance provider will be able to help the homeowner to replace these valuable assets. While you will never be able to replace memorable photographs or one-of-a-kind pieces or artwork, homeowners insurance certainly helps to lessen the pain.
Liability coverage helps pay legal expenses
Each day, homeowners from across the country are taken to court. If a guest to your home suffers an injury on your property, there is a good chance that you could be sued. Although the medical costs will vary from one incident to the next, you should always prepare for the worst-case scenario.
Living expenses
It takes quite a bit of time for most homes to be built. If your home has been destroyed, the insurance company will help to pay for your living expenses while the new home is being constructed.

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