Between a home mortgage to landscaping services and maintenance, it can cost a pretty penny to maintain your property and still have the energy to enjoy it.  Although it can be difficult to cut corners to save a buck or two on your property, you can save more each month by reducing your homeowners insurance with a few simple steps.

Buy Homeowners Insurance from Your Auto Insurer

To save five to 15 percent on your home insurance premium, purchase a plan from the same company who provides your auto insurance. Most insurance companies are happy to provide a discounted rate when more than one policy is purchased.

Improve Your Credit Score

Your personal credit score has more power over your home insurance rate than you may think as many insurers are using it to determine rates. Improve your score by paying off debt, making payments on time, and only utilizing 20 percent of the amount available on your credit cards.

Avoid Changing Insurance Companies

It can be tempting to switch insurance companies every six months to try and find a more affordable insurer, but this can actually lead to higher rates by showing a lack of commitment. If an insurance company doesn’t think you’ll stick around for long, they’re likely to give you a higher estimate. Try to stay with the same insurer for an average of five years to obtain five to 10 percent of a discount off of your policy due to your loyalty as a customer.

Add Home Security Features

Insurers feel more confident taking on customers who have a secure home that is protected with a security system, smoke alarms, and advanced locks on windows and doors. Add these devices to obtain 5 to 10 percent of a discount off of your policy.

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