Car insurance costs vary with each person and budget, but you should still look for plenty of ways to save. If you have bad driving habits or unfavorable qualifications, you may end up paying more than necessary. Whatever the situation is, look at a few, simple ways that you can pay less on insurance.

Be as Safe as Possible

Auto insurance providers like customers who always drive safely and hardly get into accidents. Let your agent know how serious you are about following the rules. Practice safe driving habits that include parking the car securely and using safety features like crash avoidance sensors. Taking a defensive driving class is another way to save. With all of these actions combined, you may receive a discount up to 20% on the premium.

Choose a Bundled Plan

Many insurance companies provide generous discounts if you bundle several plans under one roof. Combine your car, house, boat or motorcycle insurance plan so that you save up to hundreds of dollars per month. Bundling two plans can give you a 20% discount. Companies like customers who show that they are devoted to their services alone.

Look for Pay-As-You-Go Plans

Just as cell phone providers have pay-as-you-call plans, many auto insurance providers have pay-as-you-drive plans. You only pay rates for the mileage that you drive. The mileage, the length of the drive and the speed are factors that could determine the rates.

When it comes to insurance, your payments vary based on certain factors that you cannot change like age, location and driving history. However, you can change income and driving habits, so you do have some control over the savings. Know your options before you reach for any policy at any company. Look at all the ways that you can save money on car insurance.