Many people opt to forgo a homeowner’s insurance policy. But, this policy is not a luxury, in fact, in most regions of the US, it is truly needed. For this reason, you have to consider a few homeowners insurance tips, so you not only find a great policy when you are ready to buy, but also know what is covered, and what you are paying for, when deciding on the policy of choice.

1. Compare

Get several quotes, from as many insurers as you can. This is truly the only way to save. And, when you have more than one quote, you have leveraging power, and can take advantage of this in an attempt to try and get a lower rate on the top coverage.

2. Determine insurability

In order to get a great quote, you have to be honest. When was the home built, where is it built, is there damage, etc. The more an agent knows, the better the quote they can give you. If homes are away from fire departments or police stations, many insurers won’t cover you; here you may need to look into further special coverage options.

3. How much do you need?

Don’t always listen to your agent; they might try to oversell you on a policy. Instead, use your own common sense. You want to cover the valuables and contents, your assets, and of course the home. So, find out what you need, and how much this will cost you.

Another factor to keep in mind is that flood damage is not covered in home insurance coverage. So, another one of the many homeowners insurance tips you do have to keep in mind, when you are comparing rates, is to ask for additional coverage options, and find out how you can save if you bundle these policies.