What if your home was to burn down tomorrow? Do you have the right Atlanta homeowners insurance in place? There are many things to know about insurance coverage and a home owner has certain responsibilities regarding their policy. For example, you need to have a certain number of smoke alarms in your home and you should have at least one fire extinguisher per floor of your home.

Some people are concerned because they have a large premium to pay and they cannot afford it. One way to have a lower premium is to raise the deductible amount. If you do not think that you will be making any claims in the near future, it is a good idea to raise your deductible so that you can experience cost savings on the policy amount itself.

Insurance agents are very helpful, so don’t be afraid to contact yours and ask specific questions regarding your homeowners insurance policy. You must be as honest as possible, because if you leave out certain information, the accuracy of your policy is going to be affected. Be sure to provide the most up to date information possible regarding you home – what kind of heating you use, if the electrical or plumbing has recently been updated or if you have had a burglar alarm installed recently.

You may be eligible for certain discounts if you are a senior or a military member. Your agent should be able to help you to tailor your insurance policy to suit your needs. Remember, your policy is no good if it is not effective when you need it, and it is always a good idea to have adequate insurance in place in case you experience any type of emergency. Don’t forget to ask about extras such as flood insurance or other coverage types that may not be included in your basic policy.