Saving money is more important now than ever before. You still have to pay for your essentials every month, and with the costs of food, housing, and gas rising steadily, you’re probably always on the hunt for ways to save a few pennies any way you can. Your Marietta auto insurance may offer a discount that can help you.

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Here are 6 auto insurance discounts in Marietta that can help your bottom line:

1. Safe driver discounts. When you don’t have accidents, get tickets, or drive recklessly, your auto insurance company may reward you with a discount. There are various kinds of discounts for being a safe driver, so you’ll need to ask your agent what you qualify for based on your history and your policy. Driving safely saves you money in more ways than just your auto insurance, so it’s worth it to slow down and be careful.

2. Occupational discounts.  Your insurance company may offer a discounted rate for people who work in certain fields. Military personnel may be offered a lower rate. Employees of certain large companies or businesses may be able to get a discount because of the number of people from that company who purchase their insurance from the agency. Teachers, police officers, and other people in the public service sector should always inquire about occupational discounts.

3. Loyalty discounts. Some people change auto insurance companies like they change shoes. But, for those loyal customers who stick with the same company year after year, a discount may be the reward.

Some companies offer a lower premium or deductible after so many years of coverage. Others allow a portion of the deductible to drop off each year you stay with the company. Even if you’ve never heard of loyalty discounts through your Marietta auto insurance company, it never hurts to ask for one.

4. Good student discounts. As a parent, you probably know that auto insurance for your teen or young driver is expensive. When your student gets good grades, you can reap the rewards with insurance savings. Find out if your insurance company offers good student discounts for college students to save even more money as you send your son or daughter off to college.

5. Home and auto discounts. If you own a home, combining your homeowner’s and auto insurance with the same company can really save you money. You’ll get a discount for having more than one policy. And, since most homeowners are older, your auto insurance rates may go down even more. This practice, commonly called bundling, can save you a bundle with the right Marietta auto insurance company.

6. Good credit discounts. If you seem to be a credit risk, your auto insurance rates may be higher than if you have good credit. Work to pay off your debts and get your credit in good standing, then ask if you qualify for a good credit discount. Your money smarts may work to save you even more money.