Best Auto Insurance Coverage in Marietta, Ga.

Owning a car in Marietta comes with a number of responsibilities. One of those is obtaining and maintaining adequate auto insurance in Marietta. To begin with, it’s the law. In addition to this, it helps to protect both yourself and other drivers in the event that you are found at fault in an accident.

Knowing this, you may be wondering how to find the best auto insurance in Marietta for your money. Here are five tips:

1. Look for a reputable auto insurance agent. Your insurance agent should be more like a trusted family friend and less like an annoying salesman. You don’t want to pay for coverage that you don’t need, but you also don’t want to be under-covered. Try to find an agent that can help you find the right balance—one who is more concerned with your family’s best interest and less with their own bottom line.

2. Consider the age and condition of your vehicle. If you drive a vehicle that is more than 10 years old, has high mileage, or is not in the best of shape, then chances are that you probably don’t need full coverage on it. However, if this is your only vehicle and losing it would cause significant hardship, full coverage may be the way to go. You may not get much in the event of a total loss, depending on your car’s value, but what you do get could help you obtain a new car more quickly.

3. Check on lease or loan conditions. If you have recently leased or purchased a new vehicle, chances are that one of the requirements of the contract is that you maintain full auto insurance coverage. Failing to do so could result in steep penalties, so it’s always best to go forward with full coverage in this situation. Even if you purchased the car for cash, however, the value of the vehicle more than justifies the additional premium needed for full coverage. After all, this is a big investment; it would be a shame to lose it after only a few weeks because your policy only covered basic liability.

4. Ask your Marietta auto insurance agent about possible discounts. Sometimes, you can get significant discounts if you bundle all of your insurance policies with the same company. You may also qualify for other discounts such as safe driver, safety and anti-theft features on your car, military, government worker, and more. If you do qualify for one or more of these discounts, you may find that you can afford more coverage than you originally thought—and that is always a good thing!

5. Be a safe, responsible driver. Marietta auto insurance companies will look at your driving record to determine if they are willing to insure you at all and, if so, how big of a risk you may be. Having a clean driving record will help to ensure that you never have any trouble getting the exact auto insurance coverage you want from the company you want at an affordable price.