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Stockbridge, Georgia is a portrait of middle America. There are nearly 4,000 individual households in the city. Out of those households, how many do you think don’t have enough homeowners insurance? If there is anything that the last decade has taught us, it is that major disasters can happen with little to no warning and entire neighborhoods, cities, and states can be affected on large scale.

Waggoner Insurance has been keeping homeowners and their possessions safe since 1974. Residents of Stockbridge know that Waggoner Insurance agents are more than just a voice on the other end of the phone, they become part of the neighborhood and are a vital part of the community.

If a large-scale disaster hits, that’s not the time to think about what kind of homeowners insurance to have. The time to make sure that you are covered is now. Check in with Waggoner Insurance and have an expert work with you to find what coverage is perfect for your family.

One storm can ruin a home. If that home is un- or underinsured, that storm can ruin a family’s financial future. There’s no reason to delay checking in on your policy to make sure that your home, family, and possessions are safe from any potential disaster.

No one can tell the future, but you can bank on the fact that life will happen in Stockbridge homes. Wise homeowners have already contacted Waggoner Insurance to make sure that there are no gaps in coverage when those disasters happen.

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